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PaulHood goes beyond basic tax preparation. We nurture all aspects of financial health, offering peace of mind and proactive solutions tailored to your unique individual and business needs.


Comprehensive tax and financial solutions

Start your journey to financial wellness with our 12-month membership plan that includes tax planning and preparation, audit coverage, retirement planning, exclusive workshops, a convenient mobile app, and a network of trusted professionals. We’re not just about numbers; we help you reach your goals.

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Who needs PaulHood?

From launching a business to personal milestones like marriage and retirement, life’s changes complicate finances. Let PaulHood simplify them for you.

Business owner

Starting a Business

Scaling Up

Succession Planning

Complex Tax Regulations

Past Tax Returns

Accounting and Payroll

Starting a Business

Start your business with confidence and extra support

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with PaulHood by your side. Benefit from expert tax planning, guidance on entity selection, and strategic advice tailored to your startup’s needs. We’ll ensure your business foundation is solid, from compliance to growth strategies, setting you on the path to success.

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Scaling Up

Navigate growth with strategic expertise

As your business expands, PaulHood provides the strategic insight and financial guidance you need to scale effectively. From accounting support and optimizing tax strategies to managing a team, we’ll support your growth ambitions with data-driven insights from professionals who’ve been there.

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Succession Planning

Secure your legacy with precision and care

Transitioning your business to new hands, whether selling it or passing it to the next generation, demands meticulous planning. PaulHood offers expert guidance to ensure a smooth, strategic transfer. We help you evaluate your options, optimize for tax implications, and prepare for your next chapter.

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Navigating complex tax regulations

Simplify complexity

Tackle complex tax landscapes with PaulHood’s expertise. We stay ahead of regulations to minimize your tax liabilities and optimize outcomes, freeing you to focus on your business.

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Catching up on past tax returns

Get back on track with confidence

Behind on your tax filings? No problem. Our professionals specialize in helping clients get caught up on overdue tax returns and minimizing penalties so you don’t lose sleep worrying about a visit from the tax authorities.

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Accounting and Payroll

Streamline your accounting and finance processes

Struggling to keep up with accounting and payroll tasks? PaulHood provides comprehensive support, from recording transactions to processing paychecks. Our expert team ensures accuracy and compliance so you can focus on growing your business without back-office headaches.

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Buying a Home


Starting a Family

Changing Careers

Preparing for Retirement

Estate Planning

Buying a Home

A big investment with major tax implications

Purchasing a home is a milestone that comes with complex financial considerations. PaulHood provides comprehensive support, from understanding how your tax filings will change to optimizing your investment. We guide you through the financial aspects of home buying, helping you make decisions that align with your long-term goals.

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Maximize returns with expert guidance

Investing in property can be lucrative when done right. PaulHood helps you evaluate potential properties, take advantage of tax benefits, and structure your transactions so your portfolio delivers the best possible returns. Let’s build your wealth together, one property at a time.

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Starting a Family

Set a secure financial foundation for your growing family

PaulHood helps couples navigate the complexities of merging finances, tax implications, and planning for joint goals. From filing taxes to selecting life insurance and saving for your child’s education, we provide personalized planning to help you prepare for every milestone.

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Changing Careers

Navigate your transition with strategic financial planning

A career change is a pivotal moment that requires careful financial planning. PaulHood supports you through this transition, offering guidance on managing potential income fluctuations and reallocating investments to align with your new path. We’ll ensure your financial strategy adapts seamlessly to your career shift.

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Preparing for Retirement

Secure your future with expert planning

Planning is key to securing the retirement of your dreams. PaulHood offers personalized strategies to maximize savings, minimize taxes, and ensure a steady income stream. We guide you through every step, from early planning to adjusting strategies as you approach retirement, ensuring you can enjoy this new chapter of life.

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Estate Planning

Safeguard your legacy with comprehensive strategies

Estate planning is part of protecting your legacy and caring for your loved ones. PaulHood provides expert guidance on wills, trusts, gifts, and asset distribution, crafting a plan that reflects your wishes and maximizes benefits for your heirs.

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