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Our unique annual membership model provides proactive support, integrated tax planning, financial advice when you need it, and more—all tailored to your life and business needs.

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Your financial health, simplified

Let’s streamline your path to financial confidence. Starting with a comprehensive assessment, we’ll tailor a 12-month subscription plan that aligns with your needs and goals. Our mobile app keeps you connected, allowing you to upload documents, book meetings, and access exclusive resources.

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Tax Services

Navigate the complexity of tax season with ease. We not only ensure compliance but also work with you year-round to maximize your savings. From personal and business taxes to trusts, estates, and gift tax returns, we’ll keep you ahead and informed every step of the way.


Audit coverage

Gain peace of mind knowing you’re protected. In the rare event of an audit by the IRS or other tax authorities, PaulHood stands by your side, offering comprehensive support and representation. We handle the details and communicate with auditors so you can get on with life.


Retirement planning

Secure your future with tailored retirement planning. Whether you’re just getting started saving or nearing retirement, our advisors work with you to craft strategies that align with your dreams. We’ll ensure you’re on track for the retirement you envision, adjusting as your life evolves.



Empower your financial journey with exclusive access to member-only workshops. Led by industry experts, these sessions cover a range of topics, equipping you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.


Mobile App

Stay connected to your financial future with the PaulHood mobile app. Effortlessly upload documents, schedule meetings with your advisors, and access a wealth of learning resources—all from the palm of your hand. We make it easy for you to stay informed and in control of your finances.

Tap into a trusted network

Having the right team on your side makes all the difference. At PaulHood, we’ve curated a network of vetted professionals dedicated to your success. From insurance agents to legal advisors, our comprehensive network gives you access to top-tier expertise. Say goodbye to disjointed financial services and struggling to keep all of your advisors aligned. With a unified team and cutting-edge financial tools, you’re empowered to make decisions with confidence.


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Whether you’re new to home office deductions or looking to ensure you’re making the most out of every possible deduction, our eBook, Home Office Deductions for Small Business Owners, is your essential companion.

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All your questions, answered

Choosing a financial partner is big. We’re here to clear any doubts.

What makes PaulHood different from other CPA firms?

Most CPAs are extremely busy and only have time to meet with clients once a year—typically during tax season. Unfortunately, this timing is often too late to implement strategies that could significantly lower your tax bill.

At PaulHood, we go beyond traditional accounting and tax services to offer a holistic, proactive approach to your financial health. Our unique 12-month subscription model, combined with a dedicated team including a CPA and financial advisor, delivers personalized, comprehensive service throughout the year.

How does the 12-month subscription work?

Our subscription model provides continuous, comprehensive financial care. In addition to an annual tax planning meeting and tax preparation services, we meet with you at other times during the year to work on your financial health and retirement planning. You also get access to ongoing workshops, webinars, a mobile app, and our vetted referral network. This model allows us to be proactive in meeting your financial health needs.

Can I customize my service package?

Absolutely. We understand that financial needs vary by individual and life stage. Our packages are fully customizable, allowing you to select the services that best fit your current needs. Whether you own a business, are nearing retirement, or getting ready to start a family, we’re flexible and can adjust your services as your needs change.

What’s included in audit coverage?

Our audit coverage provides peace of mind by offering five hours (you can add more hours) of support in the event you’re audited by the IRS or another tax authority. We can use this time to prepare necessary documentation, represent you in discussions with tax authorities, and provide guidance throughout the process to ensure the best possible outcome. Ordinarily, audit representation services cost $250 per hour, so this provides excellent value during what can be a stressful time.

What kinds of workshops can I expect access to?

Our workshops are designed to empower you with knowledge in a wide range of financial and business topics. From tax optimization strategies and investment advice to retirement planning and business succession planning, these member-only workshops provide valuable insights to help you make informed financial decisions.