Hood Tax Resolution’s Victory Over Tax-Related Identity Theft: A Triumph of Persistence

Hood & Associates CPAs, PC


September 25, 2023

Tax-related identity theft can strike anyone, leaving behind a tangled web of financial woes and an uphill battle for justice. Hood Tax Resolution recently took up the case of a client who had fallen victim to this unfortunate circumstance. The IRS had improperly processed a fraudulent tax return for the 2020 tax year, resulting in a hefty balance of nearly $80,000 due on the 2021 tax period. However, through determination and resilience, we embarked on a journey to reclaim our client’s financial security.

Step 1: Understanding the Situation

Upon taking on the case, our priority was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s predicament. We reviewed all the documents, correspondence, and communication with the IRS to grasp the extent of the issue. It was evident that the IRS had processed a fraudulent return in our client’s name, creating a significant tax liability that was not of her making.

Step 2: Negotiating with the IRS

Our next course of action was to engage in extensive negotiations with the IRS. Proving identity theft to the IRS can be a meticulous process, requiring substantial evidence and convincing documentation. We meticulously gathered and presented all the necessary information, relentlessly advocating for our client’s case.

Step 3: Righting the Wrong

After substantial efforts, we were able to persuade the IRS to rectify their mistake. The correct original return for the 2020 tax year was processed, resulting in a refund of $575 to our client. While this may seem modest compared to the initial predicament, it symbolizes a resounding victory over tax-related identity theft.

The Hood Tax Resolution Commitment

Our success in this case exemplifies the core values of Hood Tax Resolution. We are dedicated to standing by our clients’ side through even the most challenging tax problems. Tax-related identity theft is a complex issue that can feel overwhelming, but with our experience and relentless pursuit of justice, we ensure our clients receive the resolution they deserve.

If you’ve been a victim of tax-related identity theft or face any other tax challenges, Hood Tax Resolution is here to help. Contact us today for a free consultation and discover how we can fight for your financial security and help you regain control of your tax matters.